Pepi Skate 3D

Author: FooseGames

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Pepi skate 3D is one of the latest skateboarding games that can be played freely both on mobile devices such as smart phones and tables and also on PC and laptops. The game is built in a similar manner to the original EA sports title Skate, as your character needs to complete all sort of challenges while riding through the city streets, unlocking new levels to play as well as new characters and skate gear. Game is also available in the Google store for download if you do not have the option to play it online so you are all covered. For even more 3D skateboarding action you should also try 3D Stunt Skateboarding and Swipe Skate 2

Game Features:
- 3D sharp graphics.
- Unlockable players and items.
- Skate tricks to be performed.

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