Hippy Skate

Author: Wacom Pen

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Game stats:
Played: 472 times
Space to gain speed.
Down crouch and release to jump.
Hippy skate is one of the skateboarding games initially released for the mobile market, that now has been ported to html5 and can be freely played in your browser.
The unique thing about this game is how the controls interact: when your press the space button, your character will push the board in order to gain speed, if you press Down arrow your character will crouch like a spring and when you release it he or she will act like a compressed spring jumping and performing an Ollie trick.
Your main task is to collect all the items floating in the air by using the terrain in order to gain enough speed and jump high enough with your skateboard.
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Game Features:
- Interesting game concept.
- Multiple playable characters.
- 2 buttons controls.

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